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A little while ago I started drawing chairs

A little while ago I started drawing chairs.

I love chairs. Somehow a chair is always more than just a chair - they carry memories and history and often seem to have their own unique personality. I remember the early excitement of sitting on a “grown up” chair at the table for the first time and the feeling of swinging my legs back and forth as my feet barely touched the floor. And clambering up with my brother onto the large wooden chair in my parents’ kitchen that once sat in my great grandparents’ house many years ago. I love how in every home each member of a family will have their own chair, whether it’s a big worn out armchair or a delicate dining chair that sits at the table in the perfect spot.

There’s something inherently friendly about a chair. We welcome friends into our homes and offer them a chair. Chairs are curled up in, squeezed onto and stood upon to reach the highest shelf.
I love chairs and so I started drawing them and haven’t been able to stop! Discover HERE

As August draws to a close and children are preparing to go back to school, in many cases for the first time in 6 months, I have chosen Astrophysics Lesson by the witty Ade Hall for my Poem of the Month.

Love, Issy x

Astrophysics Lesson by Ade Hall

I took an orange and a plum 
To demonstrate the Earth and Sun;
Held in place by gravity - 
Our little planet, you and me.

I grabbed some grapes for all the stars
And cast them out so wide and far;
Distant suns and foreign moons
In all four corners of the room.

The wonders of the galaxy
Spread out before class 2BT.
'Where did they come from?' someone cried;
'From the fruit bowl' I replied.