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Wrapping up in Autumn

Autumn days are now in full swing! 🍁🍂  It’s getting colder and certainly a little damper! I love the Autumn for the emotions and childhood memories it evokes of bonfires, long walks and warming soups. With Halloween a few days away, pumpkins are popping up on the doorsteps and windowsills across London to the delight of all who see them. 

Issy Granger | Striped Merino Wool cosy throw

Here two, gorgeously named, munchkin pumpkins and a knobbly gourd are sat upon our Millay Throw. 

Our cosy Merino Lambswool Throws are (in my opinion!) the warmest and chicest blankets on the market and the perfect place to snuggle under on a chilly Autumn evening.

Or for those sacred weekend mornings when you'd just rather stay in bed...

Issy Granger | Blue Striped Merino Lambswool Throw

In Green, Raspberry and Blue - Shop our super soft Merino Throws HERE!

Issy Granger | Striped Merino Lambswool Throws