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On the pages of my sketchbook

Every piece in my collections from the Glass Candlesticks and Carafes to our striped Merino Lambswool Blankets started life as a drawing.

My very first sketches are usually done in biro, and more often than not, on a post-it note or on the back of an old envelope or supermarket receipt. Trying not to lose or accidentally throw these away is one of the first big challenges in this creative process! 

Issy Granger Homeware Glass Candlesticks

Once I have doodled my ideas, I take out my sketchbooks and delve deeper into the design by perfecting their shapes and sizes and playing with colours. When ready I take these drawings to our talented makers and manufacturers who breathe life into my pencil sketches and transform them into the stunning finished pieces that fill the Issy Granger shelves. There really is something quite special about holding the final product in my hands whilst flicking back through old sketches to see how it all began. 

So far this month I have been busy in my sketchbook working on new designs for the year ahead. I cannot wait to share them with you all very soon!

Issy x