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Behind the designs

Turkish Kilim

I source stunning, vintage Kilims from Turkey that have been handwoven using age-old techniques with natural fibers and dyes. Each Kilim is between fifty and one hundred years old.

The Kilims were woven by nomad and village women who wove stories of their lives, hopes and traditions into the rugs through an array of stunning colours, patterns and ethnic motifs.

I pick the Kilims for their palette, pattern and texture and in welcoming a Kilim design into your home you are inviting in a piece of history.

Uzbek Ikat

During a sourcing trip to Turkey I was struck by the vibrant colours and motifs of silk velvet Ikat. Ikat is an age-old technique of patterning cloth.

The pattern is created by the precise tying and dying of the threads prior to weaving. This skill demands patience, organisation and precision yet its beauty lies in the impossibility of perfect execution and the consequent hazy edges to the motifs.

The Ikat that I sourced for my collection has been handwoven in the Fergana Valley of Uzbekistan.

Irish Linen

Closer to home I source our Linen from Baird McNutt in Northern Ireland.

Ireland has a long history of producing Linen of the highest quality and Baird McNutt has been doing just that for over 200 years.

The Linen in our collections a exquisitely made and their subtly colours and gentle texture sit in perfect harmony with the colourful Kilims and Ikat fabrics.

Egyptian Glass

Egypt has a fantastically rich history of glassblowing spanning well over 3000 years.

The skill has been passed down generation after generation and I simply adore their delicate creations.

All of the candlesticks in my collection are designed by me and made in Cairo by Egyptian artisans (like Ali in this picture!) who blow and paint each one by hand.

Cornish Candle Making

Our wax Dinner Candles are made on the South West Coast of England using traditional drawing techniques that have been perfected over the last 70 years.

The process involves fixing a number of cotton wick strings around the large cylinder drums of the drawing machine in figure of eight shapes. The wicks then loosely glide through a pool of hot molten wax in between the drums and are coated layer upon layer until the required candle diameter is reached.

This picture shows our Larkspur Blue and Marguerite Pink Dinner Candles in production.

Yorkshire Woollen Mill

Our collection of Merino Lambswool Throws are proudly woven in one of Britains last remaining vertical woollen mills situated in Yorkshire in the North of England. Once the wool arrives at the mill, it goes through the long and technical process of scouring, dying, blending, carding, spinning, warping, weaving, scouring (for a second time), milling and finishing! An incredibly lengthy process that results in exquisite luxury throws. Issy worked with the design team at the mill to create the beautiful wide-stripe design that makes the Poet’s Throws so unique.