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Three Questions With… Elizabeth Tyler

The Paper monthly interviews to inspire you, this month with the wonderful landscape designer Elizabeth Tyler.


1. What does "outdoor living" mean to you?

I suppose it means that time of year when the garden and the house flow into one another, all the doors are open, all our meals are eaten outside and the dogs move slowly from sunbathing to hiding in the shade.                                                                                                                                                                                              


2. On a warm summer’s day where's your favourite place to be? 

We have a beautiful apple tree in our garden, which is the perfect place to eat lunch in dappled shade, I love sitting here and looking back at the house over the planting beds and pots of lilies that I have by the back door (which usually results in me jumping up to deadhead a rose / pick off a lily beetle).                                                                                                                                                                        


3. What led you down the path of becoming a landscape designer?

I was previously a strategy consultant working in London and feeling very blocked, I suddenly realised that a job existed where you got to create gardens for people. Since childhood, I’d drawn make-believe houses and gardens and lands, and loved gardening and visiting historic houses. As soon as I realised being a landscape designer was an option in life I couldn’t help but pursue it.