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Issy Granger's Story

The Design Process

Every piece in our collections starts life as a drawing in Issy's sketchbook. 

Once ready Issy takes these drawings to our talented makers and manufacturers who breathe life into her pencil sketches and transform them into the stunning finished creations that fill the Issy Granger shelves. 

At Issy Granger we support skilled craftsmen and women and fantastic manufacturing both in the U.K. and around the world. 

Issy's unique designs marry antique artisanship with modern-day craft. 

Take a look inside the Yorkshire Mill who make Issy's Merino Throws here

Issy Granger Homeware

Issy's Story

Issy is a London based designer whose eclectic and joyful style shines through in her creations. 

Following in the footsteps of her artist mother and grandmother, Issy has created a world where art and design sits at its core. 

Every piece in the Issy Granger collection is as much a practical interior item as it is a beautiful work of art.