Marsyas Ceramic Jug

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The Ancient Greeks and Romans shared their myths and legends by painting scenes from their stories upon ceramics. Inspired by this tradition and  both my love of the antiquity and modern craft, our latest collection was born. 

Our Marsyas Jug depicts in relief the musical follower of the god Bacchus and represents festivity, love and joyful abandon.

This unique ceramic is one part of a trio of designs who embody an artistic collaboration that spans two millennia with multiple artists and creators being involved across time. From the ancient sculptors, to Issy's drawings and finally the ceramicist who brought the designs to life by carving each one by hand.

More than an everyday piece of homeware - our statement Marsyas Jug offers you the unique opportunity to welcome a piece of art from Ancient Rome into your home.

Size: 25cm (h) x 15cm (w)
Material: Ceramic


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